Services available from Kyri London include:

Our knowledge and experience at Kyri ensures you will get the best service and valuation on your jewellery.

Here at Kyri we have been specialising in diamonds and other precious stones for more than half a century and regarded as experts in jewellery valuations.

We will provide you with a detailed description and value for your pieces for insurance purposes and will also give certification.
When buying a ring for a loved one we know it can be difficult to find the perfect size as finger sizes can change depending on the weather or maybe too much Christmas dinner! That is why on rings that we make ourselves we offer a free sizing service to all our customers. For instance if at a later date you decide that it is a little too tight or too loose we can get it re-sized for you within 3-4 working days. (depending on the exact design of the ring, current workload of the workshops etc)

Rings purchased elsewhere can also be sized for a fee, starting from £15. Dependent on how many sizes, the carat of gold etc.

If you are unsure email us a picture of the ring or bring it to our store and we can give you a free estimate!
No repair is too big or small here at Kyri, we specialise in repairing all kinds of jewellery for stores up and down the country whether it be base metal, silver, gold or platinum. We even have a specialist laser solder machine which enables us to repair the smallest of cracks in small delicate pieces with great precision.
All jewellery made for private clients will come with a British hallmark which is your guarantee that it is what we say it is and will come with our personalised stamp from the London assay office giving you peace of mind!
Cash for gold
We offer the most competitive cash prices for scrap gold, whether it’s a broken earring or a new gold chain we are able give you the cash on the day. You can even have your own gold melted and used to make into something else! Just pop into our Hatton garden showroom and let us price it for you. (We do require that you bring a form of ID.)
Watch repairs
Rolex, Cartier, Breitling you name it we do it!

We work closely with specialist watch and clock repairers who offer a wide range of services including, services, new parts, straps batteries, refurbishments, anything you can think of!

Rings, watches and jewellery tarnish naturally, whether it’s from everyday wear and tear, scratching the ring accidentally or even from chemicals in perfumes tarnishing them. Here at Kyri we can polish your jewellery and make it look as if they were brand new; restoring them to its original condition.

A high street jewellers can charge anyweher in the reigon of £45-£75 to polish a ring, here at Kyri our prices start at £10-£15 for the same quality of work.

We also offer a free ring polish to anyone who buys an engagement ring from us so that the engagement ring and wedding ring both sparkle on your big day.

CAD stands for “computer aided design” and is the most exciting new process to hit the jewellery market.

Using specialist software programmes our designers are able to create your desired design of ring, pendant, earring etc on a computer and produce it in a solid wax form for you to view before we cast the item in metal. This gives you the option of changing details of the ring you wish by making aspects bigger, smaller wider etc. We can even email you over a 3d image via email for you to see without you having to leave the comfort of your own home. All you need to so is email us a picture of the item you would like and we will email you back a price and delivery time within 48hours!
Diamond certification
In today’s market you have to be very careful when buying stones either from abroad, from websites or companies you are unfamiliar with as there are a lot of con-men selling stones with  false valuations and certificates.

At Kyri we can supply a service where we can have your stones certified by the world’s leading diamond or gem grading laboratories to give you that piece of mind if you have previously bought a stone or even if it’s just out of curiosity.
Find your size
Please click this link to get a rough guide of your finger size or you can pop into our Hatton Garden showroom and get your size taken free of charge.
Hand engraving, seal engraving, laser engraving, we can do it all!
Whether it’s a picture of a loved one you would like lasered onto a locket,
an inscription inside a ring or a family crest onto a signet ring, it’s no problem at all! Just email us or bring us a style of writing/picture you’d like engraved and we will give you a quote and delivery time the same day.
Estimate to replace
We hope you will never have to go through this process but such is life that sometimes we do lose items of jewellery either through loss or theft but here at Kyri we aim to make the process of replacing an item as simple as possible.


Please contact us for further details.
Pearl stringing
Over years pearl necklaces and bracelets can become worn so why not let our expert pearl stringer restore your goods to their natural beauty
Just pop them in for a quote.


In a nutshell there is very little that we can’t do when it comes jewellery .

Our workshop covers every aspect of the jewellery making process from design, to stone sourcing, to the finished article,  so if there’s anything we have missed or you would like more information on the services we supply please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’d be more than happy to help or point you in the right direction!

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