Wedding Bands

At Kyri we can supply a wide range of wedding bands, from plain rings, to diamond set and even fitted bands (handmade or CAD designed).  

When deciding upon wedding bands there are 5 things to consider:
The metal, the width, the rings profile, the size and the weight.
Metal – Our wedding bands come in the following metals:
9ct yellow gold
9ct white gold
18ct yellow gold
18ct white gold
and now also Palladium.
Typically the wedding band and engagement ring would be made in the same metals. This is to avoid the different metals corroding each other over time, and also to ensure the colours of the metals match.
Width – The typical widths we supply as standard are as follows:
2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm, 5.0mm, 6.0mm, 8.0mm, 10.0mm
At Kyri we know that you may have specific requirements for your jewellery. We can  cater to these needs as well. For example, if you needed a 3.7mm band our workshops are happy to make changes to make you the exact ring you require.
Size – When finding the size of the ring you need, to get the most accurate result we advise to come into the showroom and let one of the staff take the measurement themselves. However we understand that this is not always practical or possible to do so, so to find your approximate ring size please click here.
Ring profile – The ring profile is the overall shape of the wedding band. The pictures below will show cross sections of the bands that we offer:
D Shaped ProfileD Shaped Profile
These rings are flat on the inside and rounded on the outside, providing a comfortable shape which sits close to the finger. It is typically regarded as the most traditional style of wedding band.
Flat ProfileFlat Profile
Flat profile wedding rings are flat on either side and  give the appearance of a ‘chunky’ ring.
Court Shape ProfileCourt Shape Profile
Court wedding bands are rounded on both the inside and the outside providing exceptional comfort with no hard edges. Sometimes known as “comfort fit”.
Flat Court ProfileFlat Court Profile
Similar to a court profile, but with a gentler curve, the flat court is flat on the outside of the ring but rounded on the inside.
Soft Court ProfileSoft Court Profile
Soft court wedding bands are a mixture of the Flat and Court styles. While still having the rounded surfaces on both sides, they are made more flat in the middle than the full court wedding bands.
Halo ProfileHalo Profile
A completely circular profile makes the halo an unusual and tactile ring which is a popular style for Platinum rings and amongst younger customers.
Concave ProfileConcave Profile
The concave style is one of the most unique styles of wedding band available. It features a normal wedding band with a soft channel taken from the centre of the outside of the ring.
Handmade/CAD designed bands – Looking for something unique? Fitted? Or even your own design?
Just contact us and we can discuss your requirements. Almost anything is achievable using our specialist CAD designing software. With the highest quality jewellers hand-making  your wedding rings, we guarantee the ring you purchase is exactly the ring you want!

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